Sunday 9 June 2019

Teachers I'd Like To See Teach

Ever since the very early days of my EduTwitter experience, I have connected with teachers who I would love to see in action.. I have learned so much from them online. EduTwitter is often a great place to pick up ideas and resources thanks to the many people who generously share.

When I began attending CPD events, I began to have lots of interesting conversations about how different teachers approached their practice both in a practical sense and in their teaching styles. The Primary Rocks phenomenon has increased my learning in this respect exponentially. The other week, I started to think about specific teachers that I would love to see in action in their own classrooms. The following are just some of those. There are many others.

Sophie Merrill @MissSMerrill
I would love to see her deliver an art lesson. Her ideas are truly inspirational with incredible outcomes from the children. Another good thing is that I feel that other teachers would go away from the lesson thinking 'I could have a stab at that'.

James Theobald @JamesTheo
I have really enjoyed reading James' blogs for a while now. Expertly written and often with a dash of well-timed humour, they always make me think and have regularly challenged my thinking. I am sure I could learn a lot for my own teaching of English by being in his lessons.

Rhoda Wilson @TemplarWilson
Rhoda is the first person I came across who was teaching whole class reading. Her ideas and resources that she has shared freely long with her knowledge of books is something to behold. I have used her resources in my own lessons but I would love to see them delivered by the expert.

Paul Watson @Glazgow
I met Paul at Primary Rocks in 2018 after his epic train journey from Glasgow. What he doesn't know about primary Science teaching isn't worth knowing. He is also a very humble, generous and all-round lovely fella. I would love to see him in action. I can imagine him having the children eating out of the palm of his hand.

Ben @bbcTeaching
Ben is a music expert and this is a subject that I am not very confident teaching. Therefore, I would love to see it taught by somebody like Ben who I know would do it justice. I am sure I would pick up lots of ideas.

Graham Andre @grahamandre
Graham is someone who I just enjoy being around. His sense of humour and joy for life is fantastic to see. The children he teaches clearly adore him and he cares about every single one of them. He has regularly shared masses of resources for free for a long time now.

There are many teachers that I would like to see teach computing lessons so it is impossible for me to choose just one. These would include (this is not an exhaustive list) : Lee Parkinson @IctMrP, Tim Head @MrHeadPrimary, Colin Grimes @MrGPrimary and any of the rest of the amazing 20 goto crew  - you know who you are!

Throughout my own education, Geography was my favourite subject and it is what my degree is in. Therefore, I would love to watch Mark Enser @EnserMark teach Geography lessons as he is a true expert. He even wrote a book about it.

Finally, my good friend Rich Farrow is a man who knows the history curriculum inside out and I just love listening to him talk about history so I would definitely like to see him teach it!

There are many, many more teachers that I have connected with that I would love to see teach and I am sorry to those that I didn't include. I do believe that we can learn so much from each other if we are open to it.

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