Sunday 2 September 2018

Using The CPA Approach In Subjects Other Than Maths

When I first started teaching, there were some excellent maths teaching resources that came with the National Numeracy Strategy. These included the supplement of examples which is an excellent document. Another, was the Models and Images. This provided examples of how you could represent mathematical concepts in different ways. Therefore, when I first became aware of the CPA (Concrete-Pictoral-Abstract) approach to the teaching of maths just over a year ago, it reminded me of documents like Models and Images. Having worked on applying the CPA approach in my own teaching over the last year or so, I have really seen the benefits with children being more secure in their mathematical understanding across the ability range.

This got me thinking earlier this summer about a CPA approach in other subjects and what this might look like. Anyway, if you are interested, here are some of my ideas (I don't claim any of them as original - just the musings of my barely adequate mind).

Concrete : Conducting a practical experiment.
Pictoral : Look at images/video of an experiment and discussing results/conclusions.
Abstract : Looking at data/results from an experiment and drawing own conclusions. Or planning an experiment that has been devised to answer a given scientific question.

Concrete : Visiting a site on a school trip or having a person/company in to do a workshop in role.
Pictoral : Looking at images from the time period studied to learn about it, draw conclusions etc.
Abstract : Reading texts about a particular event or talking to the children about it.

Concrete  : Visiting places e.g a river.
Pictoral : Studying maps, looking at images/videos that demonstrate geographical processes e.g. rivers
Abstract : Reading texts about rivers or talking to the children about them.

Concrete : Playing the game/sport
Pictoral : Watchng videos/images of how the game/sport is played.
Concrete : Planning own games/activities.

Concrete : Visiting a place of worship
Pictoral : Watching videos/looking at images of places of worship/religious practices.
Abstract : Talking to the children about them or reading texts about them.

Concrete : Drama, Mantle of The Expert investigation, attending/observing real-life event.
Pictoral : Using images/film to inspire
Abstract : Using texts to inspire writing, giving children text openings to work from, completely independent writing.

Anyway, just a few ideas that may be useful.

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