Sunday 25 August 2019

Welcome Aboard

This past week on Edutwitter, I have seen a few posts about advice for newly qualified teachers. There is a lot of sensible advice out there which is great. I thought I'd like to write a post from the other side of the coin so to speak. During the course of my teaching career, I have met many newly qualified teachers and obviously was one myself! I have been thinking about some ways that us more experienced teachers could help newly qualified teachers settle into life at their schools.

All NQTs should have a mentor and if you are a mentor, hopefully you have already been in contact with the NQT you are mentoring in whatever way suits you both.

Show the NQT a friendly face on day one.

Bob down to their classroom and say hello.

Ask them if they need anything.

Offer to make them a brew.

Make an effort to talk to them in the staffroom. Include them.

Find them a mug if they don't already have one.

Check any NQTs are familiar with school routines such as assembly times, duty rotas etc. It will be one less thing for them to stress about.

At the end of the first day/week, ask them how it went. See if they need help with anything.Sometimes, people can be reluctant to ask for help so it may be useful to offer it first.

I was lucky that as an NQT and in other schools I have been new to, I have been treated very kindly and I try to pass that kindness on when I see new staff joining the school where I work.

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