Friday 9 May 2014

Using The FIFA 2014 World Cup Website in Maths and Beyond

As the World Cup begins in June, I have been thinking about how I could use this in my classroom as a way of engaging the children in their maths.

The FIFA 2014 World Cup website (  has a wealth of information that can be used for Maths Lessons.

Data Handling :

1. Use the ticketing price tables to interpret information.

ndividual Match Ticket Prices

General International Public

Opening Match (No 1)$495$330$220$220
Group Matches (No 2 to 48)$175$135$90$90
Round of 16 (No 49 to 56)$220$165$110$110
Quarter - Finals (No 57 to 60)$330$220$165$165
Semi - Finals (No 61 & 62)$660$440$275$275
3rd / 4th Place Match (No 63)$330$220$165$165
The Final No 64$990$660$440$440

2. Create bar charts of the stadium capacities and write questions for others to answer.

3. Work in pairs  - one child predicts results which leads to the other child completing group table information.

4. Time problems involving the dates and times of matches.

Once the tournament has started:

1. Goal difference calculations.

2. At end of group stages, predict all the possibilities for the two teams that could contest the final.

3. Top Trump cards for teams/players.

There are lots of other possibilities for activities in other areas of the curriculum. These might include:

1. Making fact files about the destinations (could be done on Explain Everything app)
2. Writing 'holiday' brochure persuading people to visit the World Cup.
3. Research into the design of kits/footballs.
4. Design and build a stadium (could be done on Minecraft)

I hope you find these ideas useful. Let me know if you use any, I'd like to know how they go.

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