Monday 30 October 2017

Top Ten Tips For Being A Playground Hero(ine)

Playground duties are probably not high on a teacher's favourite things to do list. Well, they are certainly not high on mine. Maybe it's just me. However, they are a useful opportunity to observe the social skills of children in your school. If you are lucky, you may see all ten of the following top tips happening. If you don't see any or only a few, start searching TES for job adverts. Or instead, think about how you could help the children in your school display more of them. I believe that if these seemingly simple things are happening in a playground near you, your school is likely to be a happy place.

1. If you see someone wandering around on their own, go and ask them to join in a game you are playing.

2. Wait patiently for your turn to use any climbing equipment.

3. If you are hit by a flying object, give the person who made it fly chance to apologise.

4. If someone is hurt, help them to get help.

5. Take part in group games but be clear about the rules before you do.

6. Speak to everyone you come across kindly.

7. If someone bumps into you, give them chance to apologise.

8. If you cause an object to fly and it hits somebody, apologise.

9. If you bump into somebody, apologise.

10. Share the space you are in so everyone can play their games.

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